Our rates depend on several factors. Our invoices are a realistic and reasonable reflection of our efforts to carry out your assignment properly and on time.

Our efforts are primarily focused on the quality of the text. After all, poorly translated or unclear texts can be highly detrimental to a company. And tempo is just as important. Mettalers are therefore accustomed to working longer if necessary. 

Structure of costs

Depending on the work to be carried out, we apply an hourly or word rate. The level of this rate depends on the language combination, the type of work and whether we have provided something similar for your organisation before. The minimum rate per assignment or language combination is € 91.25, excluding project management costs and VAT.

We strive to include all aspects of our work in our quotations. However, during the work, we sometimes discover extra activities that have not been included. This is possible if a PDF cannot be converted properly, handwritten text has been omitted, or because there's no definitive translation available in the target language and a description is needed. In such a case, we will contact you to agree a new price.

Extra services, such as providing an Apostille or legalisation stamps, are in addition to the translation costs. Since the costs of legalisation at an embassy or consulate can vary greatly, we check these per case and include them in our quote.

Discounts and delivery terms

Our discount table starts at 5,000 words per assignment and is calculated automatically. When using translation tools, discounts based on the re-use of the translation database are automatically subtracted. Mettaal always applies the most favourable discount method for the client.

Depending on your turnover per calendar year, we have extra discount tables at our disposal. Please ask us about the possibilities.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our services.



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